Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Work

Our sibling blog – the podcast How We Manage Stuff – has started a series on what happens to work in the age of self driving cars, and smart machines.

As always, the podcast tries to take the long term view, look at the trends that transcend generations. (Machines have been replacing human labor for centuries.) At the same time, it tries to acknowledge the issues that are immediate and pressing. (There is a class of truck driver that needs to watch its back.)

This video is an introduction to the series as well as an introduction to one of the podcast characters, Anna-The-Intern. She is the character that you find in every organization, the person who so thoroughly believes in her skill to read the room and has concluded that certain things, such as technical knowledge, are optional. She gives you a taste of how the series works. To find the podcast, you can go to How We Manage Stuff.